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Equine Plus® Feed Base
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Equine Plus® Feed Base is comprised of your locally sourced linseed meal, canola meal and stabilized rice bran, and needs to be fortified with an Equine Plus® Balancer supplement in order to make any one of the finished Equine Plus® Feed formulas.

How many pounds of feed base would you like to make?

Formula 1

If you do have canola meal, You need to mix -- pounds of linseed meal, -- pounds of rice bran and -- pounds of canola meal.

Formula 2

If you do not have canola meal you need to mix -- pounds of linseed meal and -- pounds of rice bran.

warning: This feed base is unsuitable for use without the appropriate added Equine Plus® Balancer product. You can do more harm than good by attempting to balance this feed base with other supplements which are not designed to specifically fortify and balance this feed base.