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Situational Supplements

Many of our situational supplements are U.S. Patented - designed to work quickly and safely. We use only USP grade and amino acid chelated minerals. We do not use fillers or binders, and our formulas contain 100% active ingredients.

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Maintenance Supplements

When a horse feed is pelletized or extruded, it's heated and pressurized enough to kill most/all the probiotics represented on the label as well as degrade the B vitamins. If you're feeding your horse a pelletized or extruded feed, you will want to supplement your feed with more/better vitamins, minerals and probiotics. The products below are mainentance supplements for top dressing onto, or dosing in addition to, pelletized and extruded feeds. Sweet feeds are also known to be deficient of adequate vitamins and minerals to compensate for soil deffiniencies in today's world. Hay only diets are also known to be deficient of vitamins and minerals. Equine Plus® maintenance supplements can help close these nutritional gaps.

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Equine Plus®Balancers

Equine Plus® Balancers are vitamin, mineral, probiotic blends which have higher levels of calcium and magnesium - designed specifically for balancing the high phosphorus and high protein of our Equine Plus® Feed Base.

Balancers allow you to cut feed costs by sourcing the 2 or 3 Equine Plus® Feed Base ingredients locally and mixing it yourself. The shipping cost for small packets of vitamins, minerals and probiotics to your door is much cheaper than 50 lbs. bags of feed. The variety of available Balancers makes customizing feed programs for every horse in your barn simple and easy.

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