Autumn Years® Balancer

Vitamin, mineral, probiotic supplement for maintenance of adult performance horses.

Performance Balancer

Formerly known as: No-Cal Balancer

Equine Plus® Performance Balancer is designed to balance your locally sourced Equine Plus® Feed Base ingredients. It contains vitamins, minerals and probiotics which when added to our Feed Base in the correct ratio, makes your feed precisely balanced for the average horse.

Suggested Retail:
1 (2 lbs. pack) - $28.75/pack Add to Cart
12+ (2 lbs. packs) - $25.75/pack Add to Cart
25 lbs. bulk - $310.75 Add to Cart

above price is subject to change

Feed Base
+ Balancer
= Feed

Equine Plus® Balancers are vitamin, mineral, probiotic packets which have higher levels of calcium and magnesium - specifically for balancing the high phosphorus and high protein in our Equine Plus® Feed Base.

Balancers allow you to cut costs by sourcing the 2 or 3 Equine Plus® Feed Base ingredients locally and mixing it yourself. The shipping cost for small packets of vitamins, minerals and probiotics to your door is much cheaper than 50 lbs. bags of feed. The varriety of available Balancers makes customizing feed programs for every horse in your barn simple and easy.

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