Blood Max™ Blood Builder for Horses


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Guaranteed Analysis

per Scoop (2 tbsp)
Iron (Fe) 1,200 mg
Copper (Cu) 355 mg
Selenium (Se) 175 mg
Cobalt (Co) 52 mg
Vitamin E 500 IU
B Complex blend (vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 and B12 485 mg
Micro-encapsulated probiotics blend 3,260 mg
Sodium (Na) <1%

The Most Complete Natural Blood Builder in the World

Max Potency Blood Builder for Horses

Above average red blood cell counts are essential for horse racing performance.

Blood Max™ is made with amino acid chelated iron, zinc, copper, trace minerals, B complex vitamins and micro-encapsulated probiotics. Be sure to compare what you're currently using to how concentrated and potent this formula is.

Research shows that amino acid chelated minerals (like iron, copper and zinc) are the safest, least toxic and most absorbable supplement forms. If a horse responds well to an iron supplement, then Iron Amino Acid Chelate is the best choice - as adverse reactions to inorganic forms of iron are common.

Blood Max™ also contains:

Iron is just one building block to red blood cell production in the body. Many nutrients play a vital role and this unique formula supplies everything. We only use the purest and most absorbable human-grade athletic supplement forms of nutrients because they get the best results in horses. Amino acid chelated (or 'proteinated') minerals are scientifically recognized to be the safest and most absorbable, making this formula hi-tech and still 100% natural.

Use 1 scoop per day for 10 to 14 days and then re-evaluate performance and/or blood cell count. Once a horse shows a good red blood cell count, you can boost and/or maintain with 2 scoops of Blood Max™ as a post race therapy.

Because cobalt testing has become a new standard, Blood Max™ only includes minimal amounts of cobalt amino acid chelate which is more easily used and leaves the system faster than all the other forms of cobalt.

For nearly 20 years, Blood Max™ was only available as a private custom mix, but it's been such a valuable therapy product that we've made it available to all racing professionals. You can order online, give us a call or contact us below if you have any questions.

The Truth About Contamination in Equine Nutritionals

The above video shows two different samples of magnesium oxide under magnification. USP Grade (bottom-right) vs. Feed Grade (top-left). The only cause for the brown coloration is impurities including heavy metals - the pure stuff is white. The same goes for Feed Grade salt blocks. Only buy the white ones!


A proprietary organic blend of zinc, copper, iron, cobalt, magnesium, selenium, chromium, manganese, and organic iodine - including B complex vitamins, vitamin E, borate and micro-encapsulated probiotics (lactobacillus acidophilus, lactobacillus casei, bifidobacterium thermophilum and enteroccocus faecium)

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3 lbs. (box) - $135.00 Add to Cart
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All of our situational supplements are designed to work quickly and safely; many are U.S. Patented. We use only USP Grade and amino acid chelated minerals. Micro-encapsulated probiotics ensure good digestion and fortify the immune system. We do not use fillers or binders, and all of our formulas contain 100% active ingredients.

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