Dosing Gun (60 CC)

For decades, this has been the very best dosing gun for horses on the market. It's virtually indestructible and spill-proof.

Dosing Gun

This pistol grip 60 cc dosing gun offers the easiest, safest and most economical way to orally dose horses with liquid supplements, wormers and medications.

The thick plastic frame has a brass nozzle that angles along your horse’s inside cheek and behind the back teeth, in order to deliver the ingredients near the back of the tongue. This ensures that your horse safely swallows everything, without spilling a drop.

This dose gun is nearly indestructible, and you can avoid common problems with dangerous stomach tubes or syringes that drip more on the ground than what goes into the horse.

Dosage levels are etched in 10 cc increments on the durable clear barrel of this dosing gun.


  1. Squeeze the spring-loaded trigger
  2. Insert probe nozzle into ingredients
  3. Release trigger until dosage fills the chamber
  4. Angle nozzle properly into your horse's mouth (see above)
  5. Squeeze/pull the trigger to administer the dose


  1. Do not take the dosing gun apart
  2. Insert probe nozzle into clean water
  3. Release trigger until water fills the chamber
  4. Squirt the water out onto the ground
  5. Repeat as needed
  6. Suck enough oil into the gun to coat the rubber seal before storing away

For best results and for product longevity, clean dosing gun after each administration and lubricate rubber seal with any kind of food grade oil.


Suggested Retail:
1 60 cc dose gun - $37.50 Add to Cart

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