The above video shows two different samples of magnesium oxide under magnification. USP Grade (bottom-right) vs. Feed Grade (top-left). The only cause for the brown coloration is impurities including heavy metals - the pure stuff is white. The same goes for Feed Grade salt blocks. Only buy the white ones!

Cutting Edge Line of Supplements

Over the last 40+ years, our Biochemist has pioneered the pet food, horse feed and supplement industry by using only organic amino acid chelates and USP Grade minerals, to maximize bioavailability and guarantee purity. We also include micro-encapsulated probiotics in every formula to improve digestion and fortify the immune system. We don't use any fillers or binders, and all of our formulas contain 100% active ingredients.

Our choice of vitamins A, D and E are water solubilized to increase absorption, and we only use a micro-encapsulated form of vitamin C to optimally deliver it to the tissue which it is best absorbed.

Our supplements are formulated based on how common health problems can be caused, and correlate to, our extensive 40 year private database of hair analysis and equine case histories. For decades, we've tested thousands of horses for mineral deficiencies, imbalances and toxicities - which cause (and result from) many health problems. We've also been testing for toxic heavy metals (even radioactives) which enter the body through food, water and air - causing a wide [yet predictable] range of equine health problems.

We have always had the largest private database of essential mineral and toxic heavy metal analyses results - on dressage, hunting, jumping, pleasure and race horses in the entire United States.

Many of our formulas are U.S. Patented, and we have more experience in correcting nutritional imbalances in horses than anyone out there. Our products are time-tested and have been widely used to help compensate for, and recuperate from, nutritional deficiencies, imbalances and common toxicities in horses. If necessary, we can even design a personalized, custom supplement to help your horse get through certain health complications.

Hair Analysis

We offer hair analysis testing (for minerals and metals) including a phone consultation with a specialist - with a customized supplement protocol based on the results. if necessary, we can formulate a custom supplement to address an individual horse's state of health..

Our specific hair analysis is the best way to measure factors which indicate water quality, dietary balance and/or toxic exposures.

Send Us: at least 1 packed tablespoon of hair from the chest of the horse. Put it in a paper envelope along with the horse's name, age, gender, breed, and your contact information - and we'll send it to our lab.

Also, please complete and include our Equine Case History Questionnaire. You can also provide copies of recent blood work and any other veterinary or medical test results which could aid our Biochemist in advising you. The more information you provide - the better.

You can include a check for $89 or call in credit card payment at (605) 787-5488.

Vita Royal Products, Inc.
840 Husker Place
Rapid City, SD 57701


Situational Supplements

All of our situational supplements are designed to work quickly and safely; many are U.S. Patented. We use only USP Grade and amino acid chelated minerals. Micro-encapsulated probiotics ensure good digestion and fortify the immune system. We do not use fillers or binders, and all of our formulas contain 100% active ingredients.

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Maintenance Supplements

When a horse feed is pelleted or extruded, it is heated and pressurized enough to kill most or all of the probiotics shown on the label AND cooks the B vitamins into near non-existence. If you're feeding your horse a pelletized or extruded feed, you will want to supplement your feed with more/better vitamins, minerals and probiotics. The products below are maintenance supplements for top-dressing, and dosing onto pelleted or extruded feed programs. Sweet feeds are also known to be deficient in vitamins and minerals and also fail to compensate for soil deficiencies in today's world. Hay only diets suffer from similar inadequacies, and Equine Plus® maintenance supplements can help close nutritional gaps.

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Equine Plus®Balancers

Equine Plus® Balancers are vitamin, mineral, probiotics blends which have higher levels of calcium and magnesium - designed specifically for balancing the high phosphorus and high protein of our Equine Plus® Feed Base.

Balancers allow you to cut feed costs by sourcing the 2 or 3 Equine Plus® Feed Base ingredients locally and mixing it yourself. The shipping cost for small packets of vitamins, mineral and probiotics packets to your door is much cheaper than 50 lb. bags of feed. The variety of available Balancers makes customizing feed programs for every horse in your barn simple and easy.

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